Friday, February 6, 2015

haven't blogged since 2014.........not sure this makes up for it....

'Bitch, what do you do for fun?'


well for starters....i'm not even sure...did you just call me maybe not...i'm not feeling're messed up chick....

any way.....i blog sometimes...but not in a while....writing a new book....that's where my heart i'm dead right now talking to you......

excuse me...but the jack rabbit that lives in my eyelid is stirring.......

hold on a moment.....i'm having a vision about the near future...or is it the past.....this school, this classroom...this program is going to hell........are you the usher?

o.k. bitch...i'm tired and like i said or didn' doesn't include the likes of i'm out...peace

by the way sorry if i sound like a bitch.....but i just thought....well you know.....i'd play the did cast me as the bitch.....didn't you? 

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

a binding agreement

happy new year...
this year you'll get posts about my new book that will be published.......

Thursday, December 25, 2014

a very old wizard (hey j.k. rowling i beat you to it, we all know nicholas flamel is santa......don't you?)

a very old wizard

in the northernmost polar region a castle of warmth and enchantments is nestled.  in it resides a wizard known to some, but not all.  his name is a limerick, a memory, a spell and is summoned by a thousand tongues. 

he lives not alone, for a women it's told, she bakes for the wizard while his magic unfolds.  this witch of a woman has many spells of her own and summons his love with puddings and gingerbread.  their children all clad quite the same, pointed ears and a language unknown. 

these magical folk, labor in unparalleled time, so the ordinary can grasp something real.  the young and the old, it is said of those who believe will rise from their beds, and a gift from him lay await one day of each year.  a day where grief and horror is pushed back by cheer. 

the old wizard is steadfast despite his old age, and a flash of the red of his cloak goes unnoticed as greed filled dreams cloud minds of the receivers when it comes to his good deeds.  

but guilt will go unrequited, for he returns each year, it is the price he must pay for immortality.  if  kindness is something you wish to give in return, a simple gesture, nothing absurd, a beverage of something pleasing to most, a thank you baked in a cake and frosted with pleasantries.  whether imagined or welcomed, hitched to reindeer or traveling by flue, this wizened wizard of sorts has something for you. 

Saturday, December 13, 2014


as the rain from the spout washed all the cluttering thoughts faux blood swirling down the drain......
it rained clarity ....and all my instructions were not previously received so i can one day reverberate to those willing to be deceived.....

if my pen does not embellish and my mind goes without a numbered page.....may the day turn to ash and the night forever reign ..

Thursday, November 20, 2014

C.C. Lewia bio page

Alana of the East and the Shadow Beast by C.C. Lewia

Published July 23, 2013 by Createspace ISBN: 9781491005194 (paperback edition)

                                                                 ASIN: B00EMI9WH8 (kindle edition)

Createspace link to purchase:

Amazon link to purchase:

Water and land gods clash while uncommon people suffer and prevail in this story with a female character at the helm.


Alana is a strong female character that overcomes many hardships and stays the course for being brave and enduring evils to make the world a better place.  She shows compassion for those that are her foes and holds nature in high respect.  She is a skilled leader and people follow her because she is their chosen leader.  Sword play and archery are just accessories for this character who rides through the world dragon back in the direction of her future, which she does not fear.  

bio pic.jpg

C.C. Lewia has a passion for storytelling and she herself is a strong female character.  Her first book Alana of the East and the Shadow Beast is an accomplishment and the first in her writing career.  Her writing career will blossom with each year that passes; she does not confine herself to one genre of storytelling and has many stories to tell, all which will reverberate from her voice. 

Follow C.C. Lewia on Twitter @cclewia

And read her blog here:

Friday, November 14, 2014

the crowded classroom....

in a kindergarten class with 28 students....a child tells the teacher 'someone hit me'...

teacher replies 'I don't care!'

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

meat eating herbivore...and more...


He reaches into the cold refrigerator and pulls out the pan fried dumplings….

Placing the chilled meat wrapped in a soggy blanket of wrinkled dough on the kitchen table he then returns to the refrigerator to beckon the soy sauce. 

Chopsticks in mouth and wrists on the table, he pulls up his sleeves revealing his inked bracelet that reads herbivore.  The lid pops and the first dumpling is then eloquently picked up between the two bamboo attackers and dipped into the sauce container then placed immediately into the mouth of the herbivore, or mislabeled herbivore.  Then the second and so on until the last has been devoured….

She walks into a hotel room wearing a wedding ring and is accessorized by a man that isn't her husband.  The door closes as they embrace and his hand lifts her blouse gently up her back revealing her monogamous tattoo…….

Youth walks into a tattoo parlor looking for something that will distinguish him from everyone else, a uniqueness perhaps or a label, disappointed he leaves as the door closes behind him and the sign that reads we only ink the letters 'hypocrite' so don't ask for anything else shouts a silent goodbye.